Leveraging Booker & Dax SearZall. Raclette toaster!

I am having great fun using my SearZall while on vacation here in Florida and with convenient shopping for last-minute inspirations.

Last night while not quite asleep Irealized that the SearZall might toast raclette. This morning I found a number of mentions of just that on-line. I already have baby-potatoes …

I did SV butter poached baby-potatoes for dinner last night - and scorched them with the SearZall.


Hey @Douglas did you lay out the potatoes in a tray or rake, hit with the SearZall, turn and hit them again, plate and pour over the reserved poaching butter and herbs?

Just curious on technique fine details. I retired my SearZall have have a GrillBlazer Su-Vgun and are just mentally planning for my try.

Yes, that is just what I did.

I am in Florida at the moment, and the local groceries advertise having Raclette, but I haven’t been able to find any to experiment with. In a few weeks when I’m home in Wisconsin, where it is still winter, I’ll get a half of Raclette.

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