My breakfast alternative, ‘soufflé’ pancakes.

We rotate our breakfast alternative daily; patent cold cereal, buckwheat groats, rolled oats, grits bacon and eggs, and one day each week I do ‘soufflé’ pancakes.

They’re not so exotic as they sound, merely Bisquick® pancakes package recipe ‘fancy’ a half-recipe, with baking powder, and sugar, sour milk, cooking oil and an extra egg.

The preparation though grew from a proper soufflé pancake recipe that I found on the web. The ingredients are prepared the night before to warm to room temperature from the fridge where the sour milk and eggs are stored. Dry ingredients (sugar reserved) separate from wet ingredients and the yolks separated from the whites.

The wets are whisked, the drys are whisked (used to sift, no more), the whites with a pinch of cream of tartar are beaten to stiff peaks adding the sugar in three aliquots. When the batter has risen, while the grill is heating, then I blend the now meringue into the batter.

I bought a set of egg rings when I started this experiment, and I preheat them on the grill too. Then the batter is evenly divided among the egg rings.

Most of my struggle with this recipe has been getting the grill temperature correct to support ten minutes per side. Unfortunately all that I can say is 250º MARK on my grill, because it ain’t 250ºF by my infrared thermometer.

After ten minutes turn, for ten minutes per side and even color. After couple of minutes on the reverse side, remove the egg ring.

Half of the modified box recipe makes eight four inch diameter by a half-inch+ high pancakes.

I serve with butter and Real® maple syrup made by my neighbor Johnny with sap from my trees.

Another breakfast item you may want to add to the rotation are sous vide egg bites. I like to make them 12 at a time and finish them off in 3 or so days. The first 3 are eaten right out of the water and the rest microwaved to warm. Finding cheese that suits you will add to their flavor.

Ahh, cheese! A recent regret is not learning the pleasures of cheese until late. We have a nearby cheese maker Renard’s that we visit at most trips off Island.
Speaking of which, I have promised myself to research ‘raclette’, the technique and the cheese.
Thanks for your attention.

A further development of my soufflé pancakes recipe. Today I used a simple syrup sugar water solution to add the sugar to the whipped egg whites, a la meringue. It doubled the volume of my ‘standard’ batter. Recognizing the additional water liquid I increased the cooking time from 10 minutes to 15 minutes each side. Again, a nominally 250ºF griddle.

Doubled lightness and fluffiness, The increased cook time also improved the toothy crispness of the cooked surfaces. Definitely pleased, I will learn how to maximize the water / volume of the ‘meringue’.

About cheese; I found Leelanau Cheese in Suttons Bay, Michigan that specializes in Raclette cheese.

In a week I am off for ten weeks ‘bicycling’ in Florida, but when settled there I will probably order samples.

I am bringing my ANOVA SV Precision Cooker and kit with me, that includes my hot air gun to experiment searing with it, and as a Raclette Toaster.

That’s about a 5 hour drive for me. Maybe after the thaw and it is warmer we will take a ride up that way for the weekend.

Suttons Bay and the Leelanau Peninsula is beautiful, particularly when we saw it Fall of 2007.

We ‘bicycled’ from our Washington Island, Wisconsin, home around Lake Michigan north of the Luddington - Manitowoc SS Badger line, including a couple of days on Makinaw Island and Beaver Island. It took us two weeks and more to get to the Leelanau Peninsula, and another couple of weeks home, crossing on the Badger. 800+ miles in 28 days.

We moved here in 2006 and our Lake Michigan Islands trip was very much exploring our own backyard. Our previous longest self-supported ride was from Seabrook Island, SC, to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and back, 1200 miles in about three weeks - when we were younger and faster.

Another cool breakfast you should write down for yourself. It’s pancakes. It’s a treat that can be combined with any toppings. It can be a sweet syrup filling or even meat and gravy. After this breakfast, you will walk around happy all day long. My girlfriend loves the way I make pancakes. Sometimes I think she’s with me because I’m amazing at making this treat, lol. You can find a good pancake recipe here Try making it yourself. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take much time.