Longevity? Mine Died at 3 years.

I rarely use my WiFi unit and am shocked it died in such a short period of time. The first year was a disaster using the WiFi app. I am very disappointed that something I paid almost $200 lasted 3 years. WTF?

I have the original square unit and the fist one comercially sold 6 years old and still going strong. No fancy stuff on them. I would contact support just in case it is a fuse or something easy to fix.

I’ve had the old bluetooth one for over 3 years, but the wheel stopped working not long after warranty expired, can only set temp with app now, but it still works otherwise. I bought the wifi one when it came out, but it would not pair with my home network because it’s a dual-band multi-router mesh so I returned it. Big thumbs down for not supporting modern wifi features; really wanted to be able to start the cooker before i left work.

Even though I was able to use WiFi at home, until the unit’s demise; I was never able to connect remotely. . Weird as I can change my floor heater temp and open my garage door when I am 3000 miles away.

I have an early Anova PC 1.0 bluetooth model, probably 5 years old now, and it still works perfectly. I’ve never used the bluetooth function, though…