Loud humming noise

I’ve seen others post videos showing a super low, near inaudible noise level while their Anova is running. Mine tends to produce a fairly substantial humming noise I can hear from any room in my apartment (see YT link below). Can anyone diagnose?


It really shouldn’t sound like that.  Have you checked the impeller to make sure it’s not making contact with anything inside the housing?

Failing that, I’d say it’s likely the cooling fan inside.

Hopefully you’re still in warranty - contact support and get a warranty replacement (if it wasn’t the impeller that is).  If you’re not careful when you’re cleaning the internals, you can bend the impeller shaft, causing the blades to rub against the heating element or temperature probe.

Thanks, this was the first use, hasn’t even been cleaned yet. But I will check the impeller shaft as you suggested.