Loud ringing noise?

I have dad my wifi precision cooker for about a month now and I’ve used it 3-4 times in the last month. I love the cooker and plan on using it a lot more but my question is about the noise that it makes. I’m wondering if it is normal for it to start making a loud ringing noise once it hits about 120 degrees and to have the noise continue through cooking. I can get the noise to stop for about 3-4 minutes if I pause and restart the cook immediately again. From what I read its suppose to be mainly silent through the whole cooking process, is this true?

Zach, you should be able to hear the PC running but a loud ringing noise is definitely wrong. Unplug it and stop using it until you get an answer from Anova on this.
If I had to guess I would say that the the blades that circulate the water are expanding just enough to rub against some metal, but like I said… not normal and get a good answer on this before you try to use it again. Good luck.

The unit shouldn’t be ringing at all.  Use the support link at the top of the page and either call or e-mail support to get your unit replaced.

Bummer, thanks.