Made in ?

Can someone please confirm the country of manufacture of the Anova Nano.


Does it really matter? It’s made in China, but does it really change anything?

yes, it does

How so?

Because I am not buying anything made in China.

For a unit less than 600 USD, you’ll be hard pressed to find one not manufactured in China. Good luck though.

Haha has a solid point as many companies will never trust China again. Their cheap manufacturing labour should never be sustained when its cost is this international catastrophe. This is not a passing phase.

Protect yourself and your family.
Keep well.

That may well be. All I’m getting at is, if you want products manufactured outside of China, the price of these goods may be significantly higher. I’m not saying that’s bad thing, but it’s a truth that people who are looking to avoid Chinese manufacturing will need to embrace.

I understand your comment Brian and agree. And maybe US$600 is the right price for a reliable well-engineered cooking appliance. Who really needs a $99 semi-disposable circulator that doesn’t function properly right out of its box?

My objectivity might be skewed as i was raised in the America when just about everything we bought was made in the USA. Then factory workers could afford new cars and single family homes. And Mothers could be home-makers if they wanted to be. And you could buy a silver dollar for a dollar at any bank.