Manual Start-up

As a new user and an old programmer whose Android device was not current enough for the App, I wish a quick start text shipped with the device. It did not so I wrote my own:

  1. Clamp device to side of container tightening lower set screw, put water into container and adjust device up and down so that water level is between the “Min” and “Max” lines on the silver stem below the scroll wheel and tighten upper set screw.
  2. Plug in device, “Play” button will be red.
  3. Scroll to desired temperature and push “Play” button. Device will start circulating and “Play” button will turn white. When temperature is reached you will hear it beep.
  4. Put food bag in water bath
  5. Hold “Play” button for 10 seconds (the display will switch between “F” and “C” at 6 seconds) a white clock face icon will appear at 4 o’clock position on the display.
  6. Push clock icon 3 seconds until it turns red and lower display will show “zeros”, scroll to desired time, push clock icon, it will turn white
  7. Push “Play” until display shows “F” again.

I do not know yet If I must wait until the water reaches temp before setting the countdown timer or not - I’ll mess with that next use :slight_smile:


Heyyy @mlz! Thanks for your feedback - we’re currently working on this to provide better help with our quick start guide.

This is super helpful! Thanks for sharing this with the community. :slight_smile:

@AlyssaWOAH You guys really need to improve the manual you send with this device. Setting the time is a basic function and should be included in the manual. My wife is not tech savvy at all so written instructions is a must.

That’s fair and I understand where you’re coming from. It is an objective for us, just not sure what the ETA is for that yet. @harpo1