Misaligned rod/coil/shaft on Precision Cooker?

I’m writing as I own a new Precision Cooker (used twice so far) and when I removed the ‘shield’ to clean the stem/shaft/rods underneath, I saw one item looked misaligned. I’m just posting in hopes someone can tell me if this is incorrect, and therefore if I should file for a return. Thanks for anyone who can take a look.

One image shows the two ‘rods’ are not parallel. The other image shows the ‘binding’ that holds the two together, and that binding doesn’t look ‘good’ either.


They’re all like this, if that’s any consolation. Others have questioned the wisdom, but nobody has suggested that this is necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I think it should be fine. Not that I know much about metal, but I feel like after it’s been bent once the damage has been done and further time in the bent position shouldn’t continue to degrade strength.

Oddly, your binding metal is different than everybody else’s (see other pictures where one of those tightenable bands is used).

Yes, I saw the different band/binding type also…which had me confused. Thanks for the follow up, good to know in the lack of ‘parallel’ I’m not alone.