Mystery ingredient in Coconut Flan

@AlyssaWOAH, can you please check up on the following recipe?

Sous Vide Coconut Flan

There is a missing ingredient and I’d like to know what it is so that I can make it for my ma-in-law’s birthday dinner tomorrow night.

Ingredient list mentions 1/2 cup (118 mls) but doesn’t list an ingredient beside it. I also couldn’t see anything in the method that hadn’t been listed in the ingredients.

I’d also like to suggest that your metrification be reworked. A metric cup is 250mls. It may mean that you need to adjust the weights of dry ingredients to go with it.

The mystery ingredient is probably the water used to make the caramel. I’d use less.

I suppose it could be water. I didn’t think of that as I’m so used to making caramel without adding water as a safety net.


"Step 3 : Make caramel: Place sugar and water into saucepan, "

Water is the only ingredient not listed at the beginning, although there is, as you said, the unknown “1/2 cup”

I’ll have that fixed! Thanks for catching that!

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Yup. Missed that in step three as it’s sometimes not mentioned in the ingredients list. OK… I’ll admit. I had a blonde moment. :slight_smile:

The missing ingredient has been added (water). Thanks a bunch!

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