Sous Vide Salmon with Hoisin Sauce in Anova Recipes

So the recipe has hoisin sauce in the title but is not listed in the ingredients. So how much. Does anyone proof read these recipes?? . This really sounds good will give it a try when I get my Anova.

Thanks for the copyedit!

The recipe still has not been corrected. There is no hoisin in the ingredient list so dont know how much they used a tbs or 1/4 cup or what.

I gave up waiting for the recipe to be corrected and went with the Sticky Salmon recipe over at Sous Vide Supreme …just added a Tbs of hoisin to the recipe and used maple syrup instead of the honey called for…

did 2 tbsp, next time will do one, was very tasty.

LOL I did 1 tbs next time will do 2.

The recipe has been corrected.