Nano and Anova app not a good combo

I recently received my Nano, after having the original APC since it first came out. My first impression was that it was not “nano” - it’s almost the size of the APC, but looks more cheaply made. The fixed clamp requires me to put a LOT more water in my container than the APC did, or else it won’t start.

I had previously written that I wasn’t fond of the Anova iOS app, at least for controlling a cooker. I’m less fond now - if I tell it to start cooking with the Nano (after I paired it), the app crashes and then the Nano shuts off. This is repeatable. I note that the Nano flashes its blue light when it isn’t connected to the app, which is another annoyance given that the app is unreliable.

I think I will end up relegating the Nano to backup use.

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That doesn’t sound like a good experience at all - very sorry to hear about this! This is the first I’ve heard of this issue with the Nano and that’s definitely not expected behavior. Sounds like you have a weird one. Can you please reach out to us at We’ll look into this for you and get that Nano switched out.