Nano, Multicook, MultiStep and current wi-fi bluetooth cookers

So here’s the big question: will all of these neat features carry over to the older models or is this just for the new Nano? And whatever happened to adding the ice bath option back into the app?

Inquiring minds want to know these things before dropping more coin on more APC :wink:

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Hey I just answered your message to me! But I’ll also answer this topic below for anyone else to see:

To your first question - that is yet to be determined! For sure it’s for multiple Nanos, though.

As for your second question - I know it has been brought up but I’m not too sure what the plan is for that. Maybe @HunterC can help answer that?

I must get two, that way I can walk into my kitchen and say “Nano-Nano”


I’m very interested in the new Multicook feature and maybe the Multistep functionality too. But the uncertainty about support for Multicook on the previous WiFi model I’ve already invested ($$$) in leaves me less excited.

Please clarify this as soon as possible so we can make informed decisions about bringing Nano, and future Anova products, into our kitchens.

Anova must understand that this is a KEY strategic decision that can affect customer confidence. The initial discount offer for existing customers is something but…


Hey @MrTimmy I totally understand and I think your comment is fair. Once I know of any new updates on Multistep/Multicook function, I will let the community know!

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I for one would certainly be looking for the multi-cook functionality, as I have the original BT as well as the WiFi, and it gets tedious running them on different devices.
I hope Anova brings the same functionality to the older cookers.


MultiCook and Multistep are purely software upgrades. This should be a free upgrade to the app if Anova wish to maintain good customer relations


+1 for this. If not in the top 2, it’s certainly in the top 3 for features that customers desire.

  • ice bath support / scheduler
  • multiple devices

@AlyssaWOAH @HunterC - you want to see how quickly your brand recognition can turn to a negative? Don’t bring this out for existing devices. We all know that the logic to do this isn’t in the APC (hell, there’s features in the firmware of the BT and Wifi units that you’re not even touching) - it’s in the ANova cloud and client software.

Edit: Oh…and the page on the Nano - Your Steak, Your Way - I think you could get a better steak pic (sorry) :slight_smile: That one - it looks like half of the meat of that steak has been over-cooked due to the sear. :slight_smile:


Will keep community updated, thanks.

If support for “older” :roll_eyes: (bought my APC WIFI 1 month ago) devices drops, I will definitely cancel my (nano) order and go for something else…

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@niXta support for the regular wifi/BT device is not going to go anywhere! The Nano is not meant to replace any of our current devices, but to be a great addition.

Greetings all

I would like to echo Mr. Timmy’s and fischersd’s comments. I am interested in a second unit, and the Nano would be a great option. However I view being able to control both units from a common interface a vital component. I would place a Nano order now, but will be holding off until this issue gets sorted out.

From a marketing standpoint, I agree that offering a cheaper/lesser unit with more features on its app interface is a mistake. I appreciate Alyssa’s responses, but I think corporate needs to be a better / quicker response to existing users regarding this issue.

Thanks for all the great work, and I look forward to many more years of Precision Cooking!!


Just to add my 2.67 cents. I think it would be downright rude to not transfer the multicook and multistep functionality to the APC given that this has been one of the most common suggestions/requests from existing users and we have been essentially mined for information regarding the functionality that should be included in the smaller, sleaker ‘sports’ model.

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I totally understand where everyone is coming from. I will talk to the rest of the team and with @HunterC regarding this feedback. Thanks to everyone in this thread - your comments help us a lot!

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Any update?

@pilgrim03 - not yet! Hold tight. Once I get word, I’ll let the community know!

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There is not still answer to this “problem”? Please CONFIRM

@Antonio_Jimenez_Alga no update on this yet. As mentioned above, I’ll update the community as soon as know more.

I would like this feature too. Hesitant on ordering another device because of this.

The WiFi cookers (900W and 800W) will have the MultiCook and MultiStep functionality. The original Bluetooth model (800W) will not have these functions. Hope that clears some things up! Let me know if you have any Qs! :slight_smile: