Negative temperature on display and app


I’ve been working with my Anova Wifi, and recently once the device crosses a particular threshold (around 160F) the readout begins displaying negative values. This also happens in the app, and then the app displays an error.

Looks like someone has had this issue before, and I have not seen any resolution. Is there a fix for the device?

Here’s the thread I found: Display showing negative temp


The most frequent cause of this is steam travelling up and entering the head of the unit (where the electronics are) and overheating the electronics.

This is part of the reason so many people go to covered vessels.

You need to situate the apc in such a way that the head of the unit is not getting steam.

Oh (and it should go without saying) - others tried wrapping their apc in a towel - don’t do that - you’ll cover the exhaust vent, which will also make the unit overheat (and possibly burn out the heating element).

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@schnide hey is your cooker still giving you issues? Wanted to follow up on this!

Hi @AlyssaWOAH, I followed the info from @fischersd and it seemed to fix the issue. However, due to another long standing issue with wifi connectivity, I replaced my unit (both wifi and this issue are working in the new unit)

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@schnide ooh, I see. Glad your replacement is now working properly!