New Anova Pro timer does not shut off

I’ve been using Anova cookers for years, wore them out with no issues. I replaced my dead cooker with a new Pro and what I am finding is that when the timer gets to zero, it starts climbing back up with no change in temperature.

I often start my cooker with my phone while I am walking; I’ll put a steak in the cooker, set the timer for 1 hour and then push start part way through my walk. Get home, the steak has cooked, cooker is off, water is dropping to 110 or so and I throw it on the grill for the finishing touches. Works like a dream.

What I am finding with the Pro is that once the timer hits zero, it gives out a tone … and then just keeps right on cooking at the same temp and starts adding time. Unless I am paying strict attention, I have no idea where I am. Walk in the kitchen and the timer reads 12. I don’t know if it has 12 minutes to go or it has been done for 12 minutes and is now cooking too much.

What’s the point of having a timer if I have to watch the clock and shut it off myself?

Notes: I called Anova tech support and they told me that since I bought it from Amazon, I would need to return it to them. I did that, got a brand new one … and it does exactly the same thing. Yes, both units had been upgraded to the latest firmware. I have a strong wifi signal, the phone is an iPhone 12 Pro and it has been updated as well. There is only one Anova app that I am aware of.