New cooker motor whine.

Used the new Anova Precision Cooker today and discovered that the circulation motor has a moderately loud whine. (Can hear it from 2 rooms away)
Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, same problem here. Kind of disapointed in that regard. I live in a small condo and cant have it in the same room.

I believe the new model is somewhat louder than the previous one. This is (supposedly) due to the higher rated motor. If you are concerned that the noise may be indicative of a fault contact support.

I have just plugged in my new anova precision cooker and the WHINE is LOUD, I can clearly hear it 5m away in my lounge the Anova is in my kitcher which has no door.

The OLD Anova was pretty much silent unless it was getting the water upto temperature, this WHINE is obtrusive and for a device that needs to be plugged in for long durations a serious design flaw, surely sound levels are a factor in use.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has the same issue as this could be a deal breaker.

I have the waterbath submerged to the maximum and the WHINE is incredibly intrusive.

I have the same issue as well

I submitted a support ticket yesterday and got this link back from support.

This is a DESIGN fault, apparently nobody at Anova thinks noise polution from a constantly whining motor for hours is an issue?

I’m an engineer albeit software, however surely somebody would have thought INCREASING the noise threshold to an audible irritating level would be a PROBLEM, obvously not.

I’m going to seriously consider if I can live with this design flaw, as a long 12-24hr cook with THAT level of noise will be intolerable :frowning:.

It’s interesting in all the specifications the dB noise level is not listed?


I have to say that this is the only real thing I don’t like about the new Anova.

Right now I will most probably be returning it as the device is usually in close proximity to where we usually spend time during the day and my partner finds the noise very annoying.

It’s a real shame as I really liked it otherwise.

It looks like the new Anova PC is just a nano with a skirt, as far as I can tell they have the same kind of motor whine/noise.

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Watermad, you are absolutely right. I am an engineer as well and I really can’t wrap my head around how something like this goes through prototyping. Especially, since the older model was more quite.

I also just can’t understand how the new model is an improvement. The Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work well or not at all, the Bluetooth is gone, and the cooker is louder. Kind of disappointed. I am thinking about returning the cooker, since I don’t think it’s worth the $200 I spent.

i got this thing yesterday - was totally silent on the first day & noisy today. returning to amazon and trying a different brand.

Mine newer model does this too. Is this normal operation or indication of a defective unit?