New Topic vs adding to existing?

I find it difficult to search existing topics for relevance to whatever my question relates. As an example I was trying to site-search information on Eggs (my latest endeavor to sous vide master.) I found some older articles but did not yield what I had found previously.
Is there a good “rule-of thumb” for finding existing topic specific information without starting a new topic?
My search on EGGS was less than successful. But I eventually found the information on:

I find the search function on here actually to be pretty good (just did a search on eggs and it came up with a bunch of useful articles).

But, yes, there’s a LOT of amazing guides and articles over on Serious Eats.

Generally, I’ll Google whatever I’m looking for. It’ll usually grab a bunch of articles on here as well as other sites that have sous vide information.

Heh…and I’m still not using my APC for eggs. :slight_smile: To me, it seems more work than the current (old) methods for preparing them. :slight_smile:


Yeah, my first look is usually Serious Eats and also the recipes page on Anova. There are some useful stuff here, too.

Also, I’d say it’s completely fine to create a new topic even though a similar topic has been created.

Sweet. I’m gonna go start a new thread called “Add to existing or start new?”

Knock your socks off @acs.