Noises from new Anova Nano

I just received my Nano, and have done 1 24 hour cook. Boy did it work great! However, on my second cook, it started making LOUD humming and grinding noises. I have reviewed other posts in this forum, and this seems like a common problem.

I have removed the black cap at the bottom, and there were no obstructions. I also power cycled the Nano. The noises persist.

Grinding noise:

Odd humming noise:

The humming is kinda hard to hear over my voice…but it is VERY LOUD at times.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Contact support. They’re the best ones to be able to assist with this sort of thing.


Thank you for your quick response. I shared the videos with support, and they told me that these operating sounds are NORMAL.

I have owned sous vides before, and none ever made noises like this.

Other forums have suggested the skirt might not be properly connected or the impeller might be loose or bent…however, if I attempt anything to repai this, the seal will be broken and this the warranty voided.

So…to summarize, support has not been much help.


Maybe the humming can be normal for Nano, but the grinding noise sound more like some kind of mechanical problem to me.


The humming is more than just the normal humming of the water being circulated…it is intermittent, and VERY loud.


Support need their head looking at. That is clearly the impeller making contact with the tube. Insist on getting it fixed. This is not normal.

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Anova seems disinterested at this point…however, the reseller I purchased it from has agreed to send me a new one.

Do you think this is a common problem?


Just an observation, it could have been a mistake for Anova to market a smaller and significantly less expensive model.
Somethings had to be sacrificed, - like quality.

I almost said cheap.

I would not have expected the same Anova product quality at the low price.

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I can live with lower quality…as long as it performs as promised…what saddens me is the customer service response. They have had NO IDEA on what the noise is or how I can troubleshoot it without voiding the warranty. It almost seems as though they have learned from Apple about customer service and repair work.

Perhaps I should simply return this unit and purchase the AN500…


Well, the vendor has agreed to send a new one…where ANOVA would not.

So, I will be opening the Nano on Monday to find out exactly the problem.


Hi @Kevindow

Sorry to chime in so late on this. Does your new unit still have the same problem?

What I would suggest (if it does) is that you actually record the sound that it make and send the audio file to support in the event you log a support ticket with them.

Best of luck!