Once again a WiFi connection problem

Everytime i use this thing I spend more time screwing with the connection than I do cooking. Ridiculous. I wish I could return it, but I’ve had it too long. No appliance should be this difficult to operate.

Gahhhhh sorry about that! :frowning: Not sure if you’ve seen this, but there’s a WIFI Connectivity Troubleshooting article on the website. It helps pinpoint what might be wrong.

But, I’d suggest reaching out to support. They’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue and get you connected properly ASAP.

Sorry you’re having trouble! I’ve heard a lot of issues happening with the Wifi ones, but the Bluetooth ones work great. Haven’t had any issues to date. Maybe reselling yours and buying the Bluetooth one would be a better option.

Best of luck!

You can skip the wifi connection and only use the Bluetooth.
Probably because your router broadcasts in 5ghz and Anova use the 2.4Ghz.
Had the same problem

nope, not a remedy. Why is it so hard for this thing to simply work? It did when it arrived a year ago. Troubles started since introduction of mandatory accounts. Since then the WIFI connection has been AWOL.

I’m sorry but this thing needs to work immediately when plugged in, not having fiddle with routers, passwords re-installing apps, it’s beyond getting to be ridiculous. Am contemplating diving it through the window.

FIX IT. now.

That’s really weird - the implementation for user accounts for WIFI cookers shouldn’t have screwed up the connection. :confused:

Instead of hoping for a good connection, it’s best to reach out to support. They can troubleshoot and dig deeper into the problem. They’ll be able to remedy the issue. You can reached 'em at support@anovaculinary.com.

I created a guest network just using 2,4Ghz just for my Anova and that fixed my problem.

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Hope this is not off topic.

I want to use my APC with wi-fi sometimes, and BT at others - the router does not reach all parts of the house, and I may also want to use it away from home. How can I switch the APC to BT rather than trying (and at times failing) to connect to wi-fi?

I’m not sure why you would want to use only the BT when you are at home. If the WiFi doesn’t reach then there’s a fair chance that the BT won’t reach either. Fortunately once the cooker is programmed it just goes along its merry old way unless there is a problem (or unless there is a glitch when the app reconnects to the network and the cooker’s timer gets reset).

I often use my cooker off-site where there is no Wifi network. BT connection is automatic if there is no Wifi network available. However, upon return to the home network it may be necessary to go through the network connection routine again. Not sure if this is an intentional thing or just the result of dodgy Australian rural internet connections.

For this reason I have taken to using only manual control on the cooker when using it off-site. However, it must be noted that temperature control when setting it via the manual wheel is rather coarse with only 0.5C increments available.