Ox tails sous vide instead of the slow cooker

I did a batch of sous vide ox tails, 175F, 24hrs. I like this method because I use much less seasoning and because there is no handling of the ox tails so they each come out in a single piece even though the meat is ready to fall off the bone.

Looks really good!! What kind of seasonings did you use?

Now you need to try Modernist Cuisine’s 100 hour ox tail. It’s something special.

So many possibilities for ox tails. This batch was Korean bulgogi BBQ sauce. I have used oyster flavor sauce, sometimes some stewed tomatoes and Italian herbs.

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@RichardOL ahhh I freaking love Korean bulgogi BBQ sauce! I can just imagine how the ox tails tasted with it. Thanks!

Ox tails are one of my favorite parts. Growing up we butchered a steer every year and I always looked forward to them.

I definitely need to try a batch or two. Now to decide on the best seasoning.

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Ox tails are definitely on my ‘to do’ list. Once the depth of winter hits there is usually a pot of them blooping away in an 80°C oven.

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My grandma makes them all the time - I definitely want to incorporate her recipe/ingredients with sous vide (she usually makes them in a stew).

I’m looking forward to read Your grandma’s recipes :kissing_heart:

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I gotta ask for her permission first! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oxtails have a very rich beefy taste that I really enjoy. In my opinion the seasoning needs to be subtle so as not to overpower the delicious beef flavor. For 5-6 pounds of tail I use the following seasionings and recipe. It could be easily adapted for sous vide.

Brown the tails on all sides in a mixture of butter and pork fat. Remove from the pan
Slice 3 large onions sliced thinly and 2 garlic cloves brown them in the butter mixture, add more butter if needed.
Add to tails in a braising pan with 4 sliced carrots and a sliced turnip. Barely cover with 2/3 beef stock and 1/3 red wine.
Bring to boil and remove any scum.
Lower heat and add 1 broken bay leaf, 1teaspooon savory, 1 generous tablespoon of salt,1.5 teaspoons freshly ground pepper and a half teaspoon of ground ginger.

Simmer for 3 or more hours until the joints are tender.

Remove meat and bones and strain liquid. Skim fat off and reduce for sauce.

Serve with red boiled potatoes.


Only thing I really do differently is that I render some fat trimmed off a piece first and use it for the browning medium rather than adding pork fat.