More ox tails

I made a big batch of ox tails at 180F/82C for 36 hours. I separated the larger ones and bagged them together seasoned with a coating of oyster flavor sauce. The rest went into a second bag with Costco BBQ rub on top of the oyster flavor sauce coating.

After the bath I refrigerated them. I reheated them in a 350F/177C oven for half an hour, then about 3 minutes under the broiler. They turned out delicious, the meat fell off the bone, but because the bag held the pieces in place during the cooking, the could be handled without falling apart as they would in a slow cooker.


RichardOL - Thanks for sharing.

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Not only looks good but sounsd like a simple winner!
Thanks for the ‘recipe’.

I love Ox tail, just never see them; haven’t since I was a kid - thats 50 years ago.


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Oxtail soup is a superb winter dish. Well worth trying out!

They used to be inexpensive, they just wanted to get rid of them. The people found out how good they are.