Large boneless chuck roast

I had the butcher cut a 5 pound boneless chuck roast that I cooked for 48 hours at 130F/54C. The finish was 15 minutes in a 425F/218C oven with a Searzall touch-up to make it look pretty.

The meat was very tender and sliced well. The seasoning, mostly oyster flavor sauce, absorbed well but not take away from the beefy goodness.


Beautiful! I don’t know what else to say…


@RichardOL - I licked my screen


Now that looks tasty!!!


Share the recipe? I’m ready to take it on.

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Beyond what I wrote already, there is the bag and the seasoning. The bag was a 2-gallon zip-lock freezer grade bag. I often use 1-gallon bags, but this needed the extra space.

Seasoning was simple, a mixture of oyster flavor sauce, sriracha and A-1 sauce. Oyster flavor sauce is my go-to meat seasoning. I use it in combination with other sauces and spices or just by itself. It is thick and stays on the surface well.

Sriracha is hot but it also has a nice flavor. Used like this, you don’t really get the heat.

For the finish I use olive oil. It seems to help with the surface browning.

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