Pair APC with Amazon Echo

Hey Anova,

How about creating an app to be used with Amazon Echo? Both devices use bluetooth, likely to reside in the same room (kitchen) - it would be hands down better (and sexier) than the phone app. Use the new Alexa Skills Kit that was recently released.

Then I could say, “Alexa, set Anova to 160 degrees for three hours”. Beats trying to program the device through its own interface.

Anyone else have an Echo in the kitchen?

Again, sexy…
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I like this idea! “Alexa, set Anova to 1 inch thick sirloin steak medium rare, SMS my phone 15 minutes before finish” or “Alexa, chicken macro 3” :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m new to the forum and haven’t seen any other specific postings about this so reviving the topic.

Is support for Alexa interface on the roadmap for Anova? I’m a massive Alexa fan and I think they could marry up very well. You even see the possibilities with the competition:

I got an Anova for Christmas but am seriously considering a switch based off of the possibility and timeframe for Alexa support.


I wouldn’t hold your breath. They would be doing integration with the assistant’s on Android and iPhone long before Alexa (you simply have to look at the install base - and they already have apps for these platforms, they just have to extend them to use your voice).

Ah, that’s pretty disappointing. It seems like you’ve been posting for a bit. Do you feel Anova has been making proper progress to the app?

As the OP let me elaborate on why I would prefer to ask Alexa to set my Anova. My Echo already sits in my kitchen. It is more convenient for me to instruct her (seems rather personal, but you have to have an Echo to understand the relationship). In the house I do not always have my phone with me. I have set up a couple of lights that switch on and off via Alexa, so this would just be another extension of the smart home world.

In my current practice I would rather set the temp and time simply on the device rather than via an app. Actually, I prefer setting my cook on my older Anova One than the newer connected device. It is simple - touch the controls on the interface and you are done… I even set my controls on my bluetooth Anova via the screen even though it is a bear - it is not well designed at all.

This is also why I am not attracted to the newer Joule. My understanding is that it does not have a means of setting the cook on the device itself. However, setting via Alexa would be a very nice option. Perhaps if and when one of my Anovas craps out I will try the Joule. There is no magic here. These are only temperature controlled immersion heaters, after all.

Are you listening Anova? Amazon has made it so easy to jump on the Alexa bandwagon. It would only take a few days of programming by a talented nerd, which I am not. I even took a look at IFTTT, but too big an effort for the likes of me.

We are definitely working on integrations in the future :slight_smile:

Doesn’t sound like the near future though…

Not super near, but probably in the next year. Trust me, I want mine to integrate with my google home too :wink:

Let’s get this working!

Perhaps Anova could work with the developer ( to get this going, the skill could be published in no time!

Would it be possible to work harder…

I have this pretty much going now, needs a bit of a polish before others could use it, and also need to address an issue of how to configure it on people’s alexa devices, as some of the information users require is not easily accessible by the user.

also i just want to have a chat with the devs (i’ve been put in touch with them already) before going any further, just to make sure i’m not stepping on any toes.


You could try and be compatible with ifttt and you’d be good to go. It looks like ChefSteps is listening to their customers. I like your hardware much better but that may not be enough to be the industry leader. Can’t use the cooker through Alexa and you are actually taking functionality away like the ice bath warning. Not sure who’s calling the shots there but the seem to calling for naming at your feet because it looks like you’re shooting yourself in the foot.