Plugged 110v Anova into a 220v outlet

Hi all,
I accidentally plugged my new 110v Anova Precision Cooker into a 220v outlet at the first time use.
I only realized that after finished cooking (2.5hours of cooking at 130f. In my house outlets are mostly 110v and only a few 220v).

There was no noticeable abnormal symptom on the machine while or after cooking.
But as my understanding is that if you plug an 110v appliance in 220v outlet they usually burn out or die in seconds, so I’m wondering if it’s okay to continue using my Precision Cooker or should send back to Anova for checking or something?

I always thought 220v outlets were different to prevent this from happening. I have never seen one that would accept a 110 V device.

Editing all that…found another reference and it turns out there are actually several countries using the “NA” type-b plug in for some 220v and 230v implementations

That being said - your electrician really shouldn’t have done that in your home…it’s just asking for problems!!!

I think you should double-check the outlet - as I’m pretty sure a 110v APC would die a sudden death if you plugged it into a 220v supply.