Possibility to turn off the heating element to circulate ice water?

I want to cool drinks faster in a cooler. Wonder maybe if we can have a option in the app to turn off the heating element.

Just turn the temperature down. I am not sure if the APC will notify on cooling to a specific temp or not?

You can! Set the temp to a number lower than current temp and the Anova will circulate but not heat. Cook trick, and also works well for defrosting foods safely and quicker.

Hey @aldo18, thanks for the suggestions, right now, there isn’t a specific cooling function, but it is something we are considering.

No cooling function needed. All it needs is to run the motor without the heating element turning on.

Im not sure what is the lowest possible setting for anova havent tried it yet with ice water. heating element will always turn on when it detects the water is below the set temp.