Precision Cooker 3.0 Low Water Shut Off Notification

Newbie here. Used my new cooker 4 times. Cooking now. Noticed the cooker went silent. Nothing on display, short of power light, provided any info on status.

App showed low water. Checked and water was no where near low as indicated in drawing. If element cover has low / high marks, I don’t see them.

Added water, selected Start in app and currently all is well.

Is there a setting for an audible alarm / notification for the app? Had I been out and about for a period of time, I would have been a bit disappointed.


Use / get a lid for your pot, will greatly lessen the chance of moisture vapour entering the circuitry & screwing up the unit short / long term (depending on luck)

As a new user (welcome) there is a lot of detail you could be (should read up on) grab a cuppa & learn up.

On all my units there is indeed a marker point for min / max water level. go round the cowel (cover) & you will find it.

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Thank you. Found the marks and highlighted them. Not a pot; container with lid and cooker opening. I do a lot of reading / researching. After additional reading today, it appears a low water disconnect is not all that unusual. Perhaps not common but happens on multiple occasions.

Thanks again

Shooter, you may have read / researched a lot, but unless you put into practice keeping water vapour in the pot to continue a cook then you may very well run into the problem on a frequent rinse & repeat cycle, so are advised to fix that (it’s all over the place being such a common error all over the forum here thus, really surprised you had not found that out)

Secondly, & food for thought, vapour enters the building fabric which unless folk live in a solid stone castle will doubtless have a lot of plasterboard, that sucks up inordinate amounts of moisture given half a chance with problem potential over the years, black mould etc.

If you are in a water sensitive area, a lidded pot will lose next to nothing (silicone is my go to via an instantpot inner) compared to refilling maybe five times due to an inordinate amount of moisture loss to the plasterboard walls & ceiling (for example)

Perhaps English is not your primary language.

Not using a pot. Using the common plastic sous vide - style plastic, rectangular container / tub with lid. No water lost dues to evaporation. I have also used my IP with sous vide function. With factory lid, it too lost no water. No idea why you insist on your presumption of water loss. You’re simply wrong. You are offering a solution for a non-existent problem.

English is my primary language, perhaps you are thinking of American english a bastardised version of the english language!?

Without proper context from yourself (ie half the story given to one of the most common problems encountered by new users) that is the logical summary.

If you, (any folk posing a question here) don’t state the kit used around the scenario encountered then people offering assistance can only surmise, correct?

I made no mention of sous vide setting for InstantPot, merely mentioned the IP on the basis of it being common to find in many kitchens, ditto the pretty tight lip sealing & cheap to buy IP inner pot silicone covers & therefore the possibility of having a go to solution already.

Pip pip.

Funny that, It was not in the slightest bit “snarky” till you lashed out & even then, suggest you get a grip of yourself & stop blaming others for YOUR poor english in constructing an effectively descriptive paragraph / question with proper context.

AGAIN I was merely pointing out what you gave us to work on & filling in the likely gaps.

You asked, I answered, you then have a go at the answer that you couldn’t get to by yourself, then when more potential detail is given (based on there already being in excess of 150 “low water” mentions / threads on here already)

…so I covered a few bases on the basis of what frequently happens with new users.

If you are not happy with any of that for logic based on tenure here then suggest you just experiment on your tod.

Keep up being glib by failing to recognise that your questioning peoples english may well be deemed an insult, it can easily be (& yours likely was as you seem to have a very sensitive trigger)

I will happily ignore you, hopefully you will come to realise your own potential for 0-60mph petulance, & that folk here give their time for free, may not “hang around” waiting on your coat tails for you to come back & fill in the blanks, & therefore unlike yourself try & fill in those gaps in case you are a one pop shot (I’m hoping you are if this is your general accusatory demeanour that you employ day to day with everyone you meet)

Make of that what you will, it is not “snark” it is a straight forward candid reply to your “apparantly” inflated ego, come back when you’ve cooled your heels or don’t …it makes no odds to me after this, I don’t answer to score points off people, but I won’t lay down & take flak off you either.

& like I said…

Look at your own reply about being well read or “whatever” & think on that if you wish to seek out “snark” potential

Toodle pip.