Precision Cooker On and Off or When Hot Tap Water Just Won't Do

I would like to plug my Anova Precision Cooker into a phone or wireless controlled outlet. I would set up my container in the morning for my evening meal. Tonight I waited quite a while for hot tap water to reach 165° F 73° C. When I know my approximate arrival time I would turn on the cooker and be greeted by water that is ready to go.

My question: Does the Precision Cooker ALWAYS turn back on to the same set point?

An even harder one: How do I turn it on from my office (way out of bluetooth range) if you’re handy with electronics you could probably wire up one of these to an Arduino via a relay, or a  that will heat up your water very quickly. But remember safety first! 

In fact, I was considering this controlled by a digital temperature controller but decided to buy an APC instead, but it is a very inexpensive way to get into Sous Vide cooking if you’re fed up with the beer cooler hack and you’re handy with a soldering iron. 



Anyone who wants to give this a go, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Please take care to comply with all safety requirements. I seem to recall one of the third-party app developers saying he could update his app to allow remote control via internet IF you have a bluetooth enabled PC/laptop within range of the Anova. Maybe one of these could be the answer? Or a Raspberry Pi if you can’t wait until December.

EDIT Ah yes found it!