precision oven leaks water

Yes, there is that one terrible connection on the plastic water pipe leading to the steam mechanism. It is done with a plastic wrap tie and if it isn’t lined up just right, it will be pushed off when the water tank base is installed.

I never throw packaging until warranty gone and the only when i need space

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Hi Randy,
I’m glad I found your post! I noticed my water level going down with only a few minutes of steaming and the front tray overflowing with excessive water around the sides. I found your post showing the poor connections and decided to try what you did to investigate the leak. I removed the back cover and found the screws under the base. I can’t figure out how to remove the tank base using a screwdriver. Seems like the seams are vey tight and I couldn’t get a screwdriver in the plastic to plastic seams. I didn’t want to damage any plastic pieces using excessive force, so could you describe in more detail how to remove the plastic tank base and where to pry.

I wish I would have documented better just how it came loose. The Anova help guy just said to pry it out with a screwdriver. It didn’t go exactly as he said and I can’t recall exactly where I was prying when it popped loose. It wasn’t hard prying, because it’s all plastic and I didn’t break anything, but I remember being surprised when it just popped loose. I asked Anova to post better instructions but they were reluctant to do so. Maybe more people hounding them would help….

My fan is making loud unusual noises for 10 seconds at the start of every cooking job now.

I was trying to pry around the plastic parts, but was afraid I would break something, so I decided to run the steam function while observing the joints that you pointed out. I could see all the joints except one right behind the tank connection, but if that leaked, I would know by watching the bottom tray. I also used some food grade grease (for the o-rings on my espresso maker) on the o-ring on the connector from the tank to the base to make sure the tank connection wasn’t leaking. Then I replaced the tank and ran the steam function. To my suprise, the leaking stopped! I ran the steam oven through several 100% steam cycles and no leaks, and water level barely moved. So I think my leak must have been a misalignment of the tank or not being seated properly. I left the cover off and did the Mac n Cheese 101 recipe and also the omelette 101. Both came out perfect and no leaks under the oven, only a small amount in the front tray, which I assume is normal. I agree that there should be better instructions to get the plastic base off, but if you have any leaks, just removing the back cover will allow you to see all the joints except the 90 deg bend just behind the tank outlet. Thanks for your post and pictures which gave me the courage to dig into the back of the oven to look for the leak.

Hi I have the exact same issue.
Water leaking form the rear panel inside the oven cavity.
Contacted the support, waiting for their reply.

Same issue.
The leak is unstoppable unless I pull down the water tank.
All the other things works fine, but the leak is a real problem,
if you forgot to disconnect the tank, in a night you fill the oven with all the water…

Opened a support ticket… hopefully they will find a solution…


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My oven arrived on 23/3 and I have the same problem. Water leaking.
I’m not that technical, so I won’t open my oven to fix it.
I did contact the support and waiting for a reply.


Got my replacement oven yesterday for another different issue. Then after seeing this thread and your post, I decided to attach the water tank to my oven and fill it to the max line and wait 12 hours to see if there’s any pooling or leakage that I could see…

Just as a data point, mine does not leak so I guess I’m lucky… touch wood, I’ll try a few cooks and see if it stays that way.

For my to test the water tank I just put a scotch tape on where the water line is at and monitor that to see if it leaks.

The water tank for now does not seem to be leaking as I just got it today. We however notice when using the SVM with steam @ 100% the lower right corner where the steam exits cause that area corner to steam up and cause water condensation which will most of the time drips inside the small water tray. I say 90% of the time it makes it in the tray and the rest of the steam condense around the side and between the water tank and right side oven gap.

This would cause water leakage. The water tray was very small. It would almost fill up max when we set 212F SVM with 100% steam work for an hour. The next revision the tray needs to be bigger and hold more water. Trying to pull the tray out is hot during cooking and it was a bit hard pulling it out from the right side. It could be my mobile kitchen cart was not level but still.

I think this is another reason where we are seeing many of the water tank cracking and leaking from it.

There is a very good teardown video here:

I know this is an old thread but I figured I’d drop a post in here to share what I’ve learned with my APO’s leak.

There are multiple failure modes for the steam function on the oven. 1) You may not have seated your water tank properly, 2) the tubing can leak, 3) the wet bulb sensor can get too much water and the most common and 4) the worst leak appears to occur when the boiler gets too much water and boils over which causes water to leak into the oven (instead of steam) between the back panel and the bottom panel inside the oven. As the boiler cycles on and off, each time it cycles on, the water in the boiler boils over and the only place for it to go is to leak into the oven.

In short, if your leak is showing up at the gap between the back panel and the bottom, and it is leaking a LOT of water into the cavity, you should contact the service dept as it’s not an easy fix and there are high voltages inside the oven.