Precision Pro packaging new, old, or changed recently?

Hi, new to the tool and community!. Just received a new Anova Precision Pro from Amazon as a gift, and I’m researching all the great options as I build my kit…. Upon watching YouTube reviews/unboxing videos etc, my Pro packaging is half the size as all the reviewers are showing. Mine did not come in a square “sleeved” box that opens up clamshell-like once the outer sleeve is slipped off. It may be I have newer stock that has simplified/lesser packaging, maybe? I am asking if anyone has a new-ish version vs an older version. Mostly I want to make sure mine isn’t part of a kit or something less than the ones I see online, and indeed its the same as the others I see reviewed.

Packaging does indeed change over time & models.
I recently received a Pro model direct from Anova, last year, I was happy to see the packaging was indeed more slim-line compared to older generations / models, which makes sense in a materials, bulk cartons, units on a trailer type thing & lower carbon footprint due to less airspace in a trailer wending its way from A-B.

Whilst I don’t have time today to dig out the packaging (I keep all the boxes for these inc outer sleeve with delivery note on) it was sleek & surprising (I have the original format still working splendidly) so compact packaging = newer if I were to stand them side by side.

Presumably you have seen the difference in the “head” display shape & older multi coloured lcd screen, I anticipate that the new variant accounts to some degree for this slimmed down packaging.

NB: if your ever “sticks” like mine did , leaving it unplugged for a few days then rapidly on /off at the wall socket rebooted it successfully, I did post on this in more detail, it is a PC chip type bit of kit after all, hopefully you are familiar with the uk series “The I.T. crowd”

Thank you for the confirmation, good to know it’s a current version. Also thanks for the tips!