Got my unit yesterday and unpacked it. Is there thin film of clear protective material on the display that needs to come off, or are the edges of my display a little lifted up in a few areas. If there is no protective film, I don’t want to try to lift off something that I shouldn’t!

There has been a clear plastic film on both of the Anova Precision Cookers that I’ve gotten. It is tough to see though since they don’t put the convenient pull tab on it like many products have.

They really should mention the film in the instructions, as I had the same concern – was my new cooker already marred? And would I damage it by trying to peel off the damaged surface layer. Thanks for your answer.

Thank you! I had the same concern and didn’t want to damage it.

Ah, yes, the screen protector is a bit tricky. I’ve heard of people (and by that I mean myself included) going for weeks with a scratched-looking screen before realizing there was a sneaky layer of protective film covering up a gorgeous and shiny, new interface. To those of you like myself, I apologize. It’s been on our radar for a while and we’re working to fix this.

Thank you, everyone, for weighing in! Your comments allow us to identify concerns and help improve the overall experience. I believe this one in particular will be resolved soon and once it is, I’ll let you know :slight_smile: