Precision Vacuum Chamber Error

Got my Vacuum chamber a couple weeks again and used it about 7 or 8 times and it’s been great. Last night I used it to vacuum something and immediately after I tried using it again and now it throws an “E1” error code and won’t complete the vacuum process.

Anyone have this issue or know what that code represents? Thanks

I cannot find any error code information.

Please contact customer support.

I also got an E1 message, but only after getting a flashing dashboard and an 8.8 displayed in the status window. After a ticking sound, it seems to have reset itself ok and is usable again. I don’t know what happened, but it may have sucked some liquid into the vacuum nozzle - which spit something onto the glass window when releasing the vacuum.

I suspect it has something to do with the units not being able to pull a vacuum. The Black seal between the lid and chamber looked to be warped on mine. Anova sent me a new unit and I noticed the seal was much more form fitting with no wrinkles or waves in it. Either way my new one has been good so far and I hope it holds.

Same here. Was fine for a week and yesterday the heat pins popped up after a seal job. It went back down after completing another job. Now i get e1 errors ever few jobs. I assume they will exchange my machine?