Preheating, programming, and the timer

Hello. Is anyone aware of a way to have the ANOVA have the water preheated at a specific time? (I have seen one question about this, but no real answer.)

Put another way: If I wanted the water to be ready for cooking at 09:00, is there a way that I could program the ANOVA so that this happened?

You didn’t say, but I am guessing that the water and container are sitting at room temperature for quite awhile and that the food is NOT sitting in the tepid water.

Since the time to come up to temperature depends on more than one factor there is no way to generalize. I would do a practice run and see how long it takes to heat. After the practice run you will know, so you can just back up the start time. If the heating takes a half hour or an hour, set the start time accordingly at 8:30 or 8:00.

Thanks! I’ll try that.

Ok. I can report that whatever I tried didn’t work!