Scheduled preheating


I want to be able to sous vide cook my eggs in the AM. I have enough time to cook them in the morning, but not enough time to preheat the water and then cook them, so I want to have the water start preheating about an hour before I get up. That way I can just toss the eggs into the hot water immediately. Every device I have found seems to only allow you to remotely start the unit using an app, but I’m asleep at that time. Is there any unit anyone has found that can schedule when it turns on?

What’s weird is that this post seems to say you can, but not HOW:


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This would be a really great fetaure to be added in the app. :slight_smile:

Until then (if you have Android) I think you could shedule the start of you Anova with the Tasker app or maybe even IFTTT (?).

Definitely a good idea, however best I can tell researching online and with IFTTT directly, I don’t think Anova supports IFTTT and I’m not sure about tasker.


I use one of these for switching my slow cooker on at around noon so that it is ready for me to eat at 8pm.

I am sure you could use something similar to switch your Anova on for an hour or so before you want get up or however long you find that it takes to get the volume of water up to the temperature you require.

Unfortunately that will work with a slow cooker that has a dial, but the Anova does not automatically start when given power, so this won’t work unless I use a robot to press the start button on the device. I think they do this so that if you ever are cooking and have a power outage, the unit doesn’t come back on automatically when power is resumed. If that were to happen, the food could have spoiled in between and you never would have known.


I forgot about that, sorry.

Not trying to be a party-pooper, but I have to ask, “Why?”

It seems like an awful lot of trouble to do something I an do in four minutes using a skillet.

You could get by with using a water container that is on the “small” side, and heating water externally in something like an electric kettle. I often do this to get water up to a high temp quickly for sous vide.

My house is state of the art. We have a microwave! How much water are we talking here for the eggs? My anova heats very rapidly for small quantities.

Thanks everyone. What I’m trying to do is the 63 degree egg ( which can’t be done in a microwave. However, eggs are tiny, so this is a valid point, if I try the smallest pot that fits the circulator and the eggs, this should heat very quickly, especially if I use hot water from the sink or a water kettle. So I think I’m good, though I still think a scheduled pre-heat would be a good function for Anova to add someday and would be very easy to develop I would think.


evig…that egg looks great in the picture on the article. is that what 63 degree egg looks like or is that just a file photo of a poached egg? One thing I know about eggs is that they are the cheapest protein source you can get so if you lose a few in experimenting it won’t break the bank. :grinning:

Best picture/steps is here: Obviously from another vendor, but same idea.

LOL! Surprisingly I think you’ll find that an electric kettle will be more effective to heat the larger volumes of water likely used in the sous vide bath.
And damn it! Our microwave stopped working last month and my wife still hasn’t decided on the replacement model she wants! :slight_smile: