Pro stopped heating after firmware update

I used my pro a few weeks ago and had no problems, set up for a cook this morning and an hour into it realized it was not heating. Screen function, phone app says its heating but temp drops instead of going up.

I am very careful with this unit and it is only a few months old. After reading some other issues I am questioning Anova longevity even for a home cook.

I also think that the phone app could be a little more robust. I use a number of of other temperature monitoring tools that have better reporting/alarms/alerts.


So what about the firmware update? I have not noticed such an availability for mine, that I have used more than weekly for perhaps three years.

Perhaps the significant care that I provide is ALWAYS covering the bath to keep the heat and humidity from the control head.

The app is trouble free and convenient from my upstairs easy chair.

I would be interested in your multiple needs to monitor temperatures. I use my mechanic’s infrared thermometer for all surface temperatures that I can think of, and my immersion thermometer for most others, including occasionally checking my ANOVA. I use the Thermopen immersion thermometer as a fever thermometer.

Hey OP, what firmware update was this? which software version are you running, mine has been running the same out of the box software with the pro since day one, no notifications as to software upgrades whatsoever.

Regardless of how robust the any unit claims to be, steam vapour can get anywhere, I do not recommend using any brand of SV wand in an open pot of water, lidded if not already, a simple & beneficial precaution.