Problems Compressing Pineapple

I recently got a new Anova Chamber sealer and I was excited to try out compressing pineapple. I followed the directions for the Compressed Luxardo Pineapple. I probably ran the compression 15-20 times. The pineapple was well infused with the flavors but not especially compressed and didn’t change color as described. Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong? Are the others who got this to work?

Better description needed to save us looking up the infusion recipe…
(otherwise we’ll have to start charging for our time in order to hazard an educated guess) :face_with_monocle:

Is the pineapple sliced thinly enough? I was able to see a visible difference in the fruit after 3 cycles. It becomes almost translucent. Anova has a YouTube channel with a few videos about infusing fruit. I have also used clementine segments in simple syrup. You end up with fruit similar to Mandarin orange segments.