Problems with a brand new precision cooker

Just received my precision cooker this week. I decided to test it out with a 48 hour cook.

I set the temp to 135 and use the stove to get my water up to temp faster. The unit beeps at me at 135, so I take out my thermapen and it says 131. I move it to different areas and swirl the water around and it is still 131. I check the calibration of the termapen in an ice bath and it is dead on.

Problem #1 - unit is not properly calibrated

So I figure, no big deal for now, just put it 4 degrees higher and worry about the calibration later. I step out for four hours and come back and the water is under 90 degrees. I top part is at 91 and the bottom says 135. The unit is on (all lights are blue) just nothing is happening. Now I start freaking out that the $40 in meat is now ruined since it has been under 125 degrees for hours. I never set the timer since I don’t know how to set the timer.

Problem #2 - unit stopped working but stayed on

So I decide I need to read the manual. I dig through my box and there is no manual to read.

Problem #3 - no manual sent with the unit.

I was able to download the manual and set the timer for 48 hours, but now I am worried it is going to stop working in the middle of the night or I may have already ruined the meat. Anyone have any problems with their new cookers?

The manual is online, just search this forum for it. Given reason is that waiting on printed copies would have delayed delivery significantly.