Quantity of Salmon

I’d like to make salmon for a crowd (I’ll need to make about 5 lbs of fish). Can I do that all at once?

And how long can I safely hold the fish before serving? The Serious Eats article suggests not holding it very long. This would be part of a multi-course New Years dinner so I won’t be able to time that course very precisely.


I think as long as you can cook the 5 lbs of salmon without having the salmon pieces over lapping in the bag by maybe using multiple bags (so the thickness stays consistent), you should be able to do them all at once.

If you are using a new device, it will be able to circulate up to 5 gallons of water (and the newest WI-FI version can do 5.5 gallons), which should be enough to cook all that fish.

As for the holding, I would agree with serious eats on that one and err on side of not leaving it in too much longer than the cooking time since it is fish. But since it only takes 30 min to cook, it hopefully won’t be too hard to time with the rest of your meal!

I would love to see some pictures when you do it!


Since I’ve seen cooking times for 120/121 degrees of up to an hour I’ll assume that a 20 - 30 minute hold time won’t poison anyone too badly.

I also assume that since I’ve never tried this it might be prudent to do a test batch a few days before.

Yes, I’ll send pix.

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Okay great, and I agree, I think you will be totally fine with a 30 min hold time.

Good luck, I hope it turns out delicious! :slight_smile: