nymber of salmon fillets

How many salmon fillets can be placed in the container and still cook thoroughly

Which container? I have an 8 liter and a 16 liter. As long as the bath water can circulate freely the pieces will cook properly.

Proper submersion…
Not stacked on each other
Side by side, ensuring proper flow for the impeller to circulate & maintain temp.

SO, the question is how many do you NEED to do?
How big is your container, how big are your bags?

(for context, here in the uk, i’m using bacofoil sous vide safe ziplok double seal 1 litre bags for 2x atypical salmon fillets, not crazy big ones just as part of a healthy meal with rice (typically) & pan fry finish.

I use an 8 litre instantpot stainless container, lidded (temp retention really helps) read around for those posts…

If you have an air fryer they don’t come out badly there, just not as buttery flakey & with zero control over the crisping of the skin (a delicacy in our house for 2/3 the familiy)

This time & temp in the link below serves me well to accommodate most peoples palates…

Let us know how you got on.
Plenty of pictures in the recipe link (no 2.) showing the side by side, also please remember in link no1 there is a choice of temps for different results, ours is 43.3 to deal with the finnicky family member, otherwise we’d drop it down a notch, ensure that skillet is SUPER HOT & buttered to minimise change in the flesh whilst crisping up the skin, (also another reason to drop the cook temp down & deem it +1 notch up after the pan finish, count off those seconds for consistency, & do have your paper towel ready to pat dry the fish after it has had its time in the sous vide bath… if you have animals they tend to know you’ve been cooking something juicy & will begin to expect “juices” after every cook.

No follow up, I wonder if they even read what we even wrote.