Questions about the new Anova oven

Hi guys,

Really interested in the new product, however I wonder if there’s a function for reheating left-over food such as fried chickens and breads so that I could bring back the crispiness and freshness.

Try asking on the Anova Facebook page.

You can set whatever temperature and humidity you want, within the oven’s capabilities - but doubt there would be a magic automatic shutoff (because I’m not sure we know how to tell it what conditions that would be…?) - other than the usual sous vide style hold-at-temperature

Someone added leftover pizza recipe, I think a general leftovers category would be nice!

You might not like using a general leftovers category if it’s going to be suitable for reheating pizza and fried chicken. The combi-ovens i’ve used have a “left-overs” category and then subcategories for different food types. I was always impressed with the results.

Be patient, these ovens will work wonders in your kitchen once enough users develop useful formulas and share them through the app.

John’s correct, the Anova FB page is monitored by Anova Chef Cole Wagoner. If you can get his attention his contributions are useful. Otherwise, be careful, there’s a lot of guesswork going on over there.

I am very happy, after the first weekend, we made all kinds of stuff, and it worked great! The app needs some work, but the concept is sound, and I am really excited!

One thing I was unable to bring myself to try was Steak. If Sous Vide makes such perfect steak in a bag, tough habit to break from. Especially when the guide finishes it off with a sear on a cast iron (just like sous vide).

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Do try steak. So much easier than bags and baths and it works exactly the same.