Quick Dinner: Shrimp in Spicy Sriracha Mayo Sauce

Cooked a quick dinner tonight. Shrimp cooked in spicy sriracha mayo. 135 degrees for 25 minutes. Topped it off with salt and pepper, no need to sear.

It had a nice juicy plump to it with a bit of a crunch!


Not a big prawn fan myself, but they do look plump and inviting.

Prawns are wonderful on their own with a little butter and garlic. I usually stay away from tomato based cocktail sauces because I want to taste the prawns, but sriracha/mayo sounds pretty good.

I did some at Christmas that I did sear that turned out nicely.

@Ember thanks! :slight_smile:

@RichardOL garilc + butter is definitely a must have for shrimp. Little secret, I ran out of butter so I decided to try something a little different this time around and have them something cook in something that still had fat in it, but had a nice flavor to it. I will experiment more with it! There’s some things on my shrimp cook list.

Never actually had a prawn, but from what I can tell, the are pretty much the same taste as shrimp. Looks great!

@Brian1 thanksssss!!!

I always used the size distinction Alyssa’s sample are too big to be shrimp. But apparently we need to count the legs, which is a little difficult in their current condition. :slight_smile:

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I never knew the difference, honestly! I thought my bag said it was shrimp - now I am going to double check when I get home lol. @Ember