shrimp technique

I have long mixed salt and a bit of baking soda with peeled shrimp, and refrigerated for 30 minutes prior to sautéing, resulting in shrimp that are so good that they pop in your mouth when biting into them. Does this same technique apply to cooking them sous vide?

After sous vide, I am thinking that a quick char on a really hot charcoal grill would enhance the flavor. Any thoughts folks???

Many thanks…

Yes to the salt and baking soda. See recipe below.

I worry that trying to char them as well would overcook the shrimp. Grilling raw shrimp goes very quick and adding any heat to already cooked shrimp would possibly make them rubbery instead of crisp. When I do shrimp I use one technique because they are so unforgiving.


Shrimp are so easy and quick to cook, that sous vide is unnecessary.

I sous vide medium-sized shrimp at 135F for 15 minutes - tender and delicious

I also have a really good recipe for cocktail sauce, if you want it.

I would love to have the cocktail sauce recipe please!

Yes, you can toss with baking soda and salt and then sous vide and results are wonderful. I cook jumbo shrimp 11-15, even 15-20) at 138 for 30 minutes. Great for shrimp cocktail.

I would love to have the cocktail sauce recipe if you would share it please.

shrimp cocktail sauce

1 cup ketchup
2 tablespoons prepared grated horseradish (such as Gold's or Boar's Head)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon salt
a dash of pepper, or more to taste

Thank you!! I’ll try it; we are going to Williamsburg VA for vacation, and it’ll be a perfect time to give it a try.

Try grating your own horseradish sometime. It will surprise you how good it is.

Good suggestion. I’ll try it!!! Thanks

It’s best to grate your own horseradish in a well ventilated area.

Or, you can always wait until you have a horrid head cold with much stuffiness. Inhale deeply and you’ll discover grating horseradish is an instant cure.

Good advice!! Ask mother-in-law to do it?:rofl:

Clears the sinuses, too!

I like to cook my shrimp, with the shells on. The shells contain a lot of flavor.

I’m taking a poll, do you serve shrimp with the tails on or off?

If I’m peeling small ones, for a stir-fry, I’ll remove the tails.
The Colossal (a contradiction in terms) Shrimp get served shell and all, maybe even with the heads.

serve tail off

Tail on is my preference.

Tail on for me as well.