raised meat pie in hot water crust steak/kidney/oyster

looking for some ideas -i want make a raised pie , I normally use pork or pork chicken ,sometimes beef and sausage. Even turkey thighs with onions , dried and fresh cranberries. But I was thinking of steak and kidney. Never have I cooked beef kidneys. I have frozen beef kidneys and beef shank ,vacuum packed , ( hope the marrow will add to it ), some fresh chuck plus small fresh oysters and mushroom duxelle.
Question Is—Anyone think that sous viding the shank and kidneys till tender without removing them from the vacuum bag they came in would be a good idea ?
I would then combine them with spices ,shallot ,minced chuck . I would layer the oysters on top before putting pastry crust on.
This is more long winded than I had hoped. Gage