Raw foodism - cooking vegetables at 50 Celsius

Hey guys,

Is there anyone here who tried cooking vegetables at 50 Celsius or less?

Will it work at all?
Gotta make some dishes for raw foodists, but thinking to make them tastier.


My instinct is to say no, as I’ve never seen recipes for vegetables cooked below 60°C. I’d imagine that a high temperature is required to break down the cell walls and make the vegetables tender. Although I have no experience with this, if I were to attempt something like that, I’d cut the vegetables into really small pieces to help them break down.

P.S. Isn’t cooking for raw foodists a little against the whole philosophy?

Did a quick bit of googling…

Lots of raw recipes here: http://tasteoftwoplates.com/category/raw-vegan/

I see that they actually use their sous vide a couple of their “days” for recipes:



Seems you may need to snag the author’s book for the complete recipes though (I tend to grab them in e-book format and use them on my tablet) :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!!

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@kl005 is correct. Sous vide lets you control the temperature so that it will be hot enough to break down pectin, while not so hot as to burst the cell walls (which happens when you boil the vegetables). The higher temperature is needed to break down and dissolve the pectin in the vegetables - which won’t happen at a temp of 50 Celsius.

Please correct me if I’m wrong everybody. I’m still pretty new around here…but I’ve been researching quite a bit and I think what I’ve said above is correct. (I’ve taken the advice of @chatnoir …“Do the work!” :slight_smile: )

83.4C/183F is needed for pectin conversion. Not sure I see the point of warm, crunchy vegies. If you want raw you want raw.

I don’t know much about raw recipes, but from my understanding, it shouldn’t be cooked at all. Not even a little bit. As much as I love my Anova, I just don’t really see the benefit of using it to cook veggies at very low temperatures to achieve a raw dish. Especially since any heat would defeat the purpose of any raw-type recipe.

Thank you so much! I will check it out!

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