Recipe needed for tapioca pudding

Has anyone tried to make tapioca pudding in canning jars? I have searched and could find no recipes.

You’re right! I do wonder, with the nature of tapioca pudding - with it being more loose than set, if the outcome would be desirable.

You could try an experiment (I might just do this myself) :slight_smile:

Take the ingredients and the first 3 steps from here:

Then use the remaining instructions from the creme brulee recipe here:

Those steps being:

  • Cast each of your jars, in a slow, steady stream (trying to avoid bubbles)
  • If you have bubbles from pouring too quickly, you can flash them quickly with your blow torch to dissipate them. (make it VERY brief or you’ll cook the eggs!!)
  • Close the jars “fingertip tight” - too tight and the air won’t escape - which you want to have happen in the bath.
  • place the jars into your sous vide water bath and cook for one hour
  • prepare an ice bath
  • remove jars from the bath and rest at room temperature
  • once the jars are cool to the touch, transfer to ice bath to chill
  • once the jars are good and cold, go ahead and tighten the lids
  • they will last up to one week in the refrigerator
  • when ready to eat, open the jar - if condensation has formed, gently use a corner of paper towel to absorb

We’ll see which of us takes a crack at this first. :smiley:

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I tried to make it, following the recipes you posted and found out the reason no one makes it. I put it in 8 oz jars and all the tapioca sank to the bottom and made a structure similar to a glutinous hockey puck.
Well sous Vide does not work for everything.

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Thanks for being the “guinea pig” for this. :slight_smile: I would have tried it, but I’ve had a hell of a time finding tapioca pearls (non instant) anywhere. :frowning:

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Anyone tried it in a bag so it can be agitated?

It’s amazing. But yes you need to do it in the bag and squish it around every 15-20 mins.

Soaked tapioca in 4 cups of milk about 1/2 of tapioca
Then added cup of sugar, vanilla, 5 yolks and 1 egg, salt, and a couple cups of cream. Cooked at 76 for hour hour and a halfish.
Mine is very dark from our free range farm fresh eggs.
Says my pic is too big to add sorry