Recipe storing?

can anyone tell me how to store/keep the recipes on the site without looking for what i want every single time?

Try CTRL + D

I was wondering the same thing… I know how to operate bookmarks, but it seems like the Anova phone app and web interface are not well integrated (if at all). It would be nice to have access to my favorites from the app on the website, not to mention to be able to use the wi-fi features of my device via the internet…

It also appears some recipe’s are available on the website but not in the app (e.g. I find 3 hits for “dulce” on the internet, but only one recipe via the app)

Furthermore, I’d like to be able to add my own recipe’s. Sure they won’t be as pretty as the curated ones on there now, but even if only I could see them it would be nice to build a recipe book on the app.

Speaking of recipe books, that is another issue with the web site. Printing the recipes is a pain, there is no print option to remove the ads, get rid of the bio, etc… If I want a paper copy to work from in the kitchen, I’m either stuck with 8 pages or have to manipulate the page to print it out. I get that the app could be used for the recipe, except not all web recipes are on the app (see above) and, anyone with a phone lock has to deal with unlocking which can be very inconvenient when working with eggs or meat juices (and unfortunately the app is on my work phone which won’t allow the lock feature to be altered).