Anova app off-line

I vaguely remember this topic discussed earlier. I was on a plane yesterday and wanted to look over some recipes on the app. However, because I didn’t have an Internet connection (no free WiFi on the plane), the app never showed the recipes. Other sous vide apps (Joule and SanSaire) worked fine. If this was an intentional design, then it’s certainly unacceptable. You assume that there will always be a network connection.

Correct, you need either mobile data or Wi-Fi in order to see the thousands of recipes housed on the app.

That’s a silly reply. If the recipes are indeed on the app (i.e., locally on my iPhone), why should I need a network connection?

To clarify, the recipes actually aren’t stored locally. This is why you were unable to access any of it without data or Wi-Fi. This is something that could be potentially changed later on, but that’s not how the app is right now.

OK. Thanks. Please fix…

Hi @nestorph

Actually there will be people that want the recipes loaded to their phones, and others who would prefer it be kept offline. Data kept local mean it will be available even when you’ve no internet connectivity, but it will use up storage space on your phone (a big negative for some folks) and the app code would need to be written to check for when recipe versions currently on the phone no longer match their online versions and update them. Bottom line, some would be happy with the recipes stored locally, some would not…and changing from one paradigm to the other costs time and money. I don’t think we’re likely to see any change on this front.

I understand your point but with today’s phones and memory availability constantly increasing, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a recipe app to contain recipes. My regular recipe app (Gourmet) contains 3000 recipes and only takes up around 160 MB.

My husband’s an app programmer, and he said it would be very easy to add code to enable the user to choose (via a toggle) whether they want the recipes stored locally or left in the cloud. That way people with larger phone storage could elect to store locally so if they’re somewhere with no reception, they can still use the app. Perhaps this can be an improvement made in future updates of the app. Personally, we travel occasionally to cabins that are located out of range of cellular or wifi connectivity, but we like to take the anova to cook our favourites while we’re there. This update would fix the issue.

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Might be easy…might not be. It depends the code they already have in place. I’m sure your husband knows what I mean if he’s ever had to support some horrible code written by someone else! Sometimes it’s easier to rewrite an entire program rather than try to modify some of the junk some other people write. Cost of implementing any changes also depends on how “robust” (read “bullet proof!”) and well tested the company wants the change to be. I’ve found smaller companies tend to be more willing to make changes to their software quickly than larger companies that may have hundreds of thousands or even millions of daily users that will be impacted by any changes. (I once saw a fix that I could have implemented in less than 5 minutes take over a week to go through channels and be evaluated and implemented. It boggles the mind, but that’s how paranoid some companies can be about the potential for introducing a buggy change.)
Bottom line is that “if” they’ve written the existing code well it might be an easy change…but even if that’s the case it might cost more money/resources than they are willing to commit to the work due to their release protocols and the work they already have on their plates.

Personally…I’d like to see them implement an option for offline recipe support, I’m just aware that it might not be something to expect any time soon. :slight_smile:

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