Recipes in the app?

I JUST received my Precision Cooker two days ago and last night’s chicken was swell.  Are there not recipes in the app?  How do I get to them?  My unit is currently put away.  I just opened the app (iOS) and was greeted with a Bluetooth pairing screen.  Then a “We can’t fina an Anova Precision Cooker.  Please make sure your Anova is plugged in.”  ARE there recipes in the app and do I need to have the unit live in order to see them on an iPhone 6s? If this information is obvious, I’m missing it and apologize in advance.  Thanks…

The recipes in the app are same ones as those shown at and they are pulled from the website on demand, so no network or no signal to your phone = no recipies.

It’s been a while since I first set my cooker up, but I think you might have to pair it once, then, after that the app will let you look at recipes even if the cooker is not paired / turned on.  Note, I have an android phone, so it might be a bit different than the Apple phones.

Thanks.  Is there anyone here with an iPhone who can respond?

when I open the white app on my phone, i see the recipes at the first screen.  

the white app is the one for Bluetooth, the grey / black app is for the wifi function.

Oy!  Either I am really missing something or I don’t have what you have.  I really want to get this figured out and right now it’s nothing but frustration.  To test, I put the unit into a pot of water, plugged it.  Opened the app and waited while Bluetooth paired.  I thought that was supposed to be a one-time thing.  Then I had to re-enter my wi-fi network password.  I thought THAT is supposed to be a one-time event. 

Attached  is a pic of the screen I get after setting a temp.  I see nothing indicating recipes.

Back to my original question: How do I get to the recipes that I believe are supposed to be with the app?  Going to the Settings is useless.  What in h*ll am I doing that is making this so difficult and frustrating for me?  My app shows as Anova Wi-Fi.  Their logo "A? on a black background.

Try installing the other app.

Thanks for the link and for your patient help.  I’m annoyed and confused.  Confused because my instructions (with the unit) tell me to look for the Anova Culinary WI-FI App.  Confused because I was (somehow, somewhere) led to believe the app had recipes.  Annoyed because I need a second app if I want the recipes, but the link on the cooker’s page gives me a link to the Wi-fi app And that link takes me to Apple’s App Store and the app shown (v. 1.0.6, updated February 2016)  is the one without the recipes, although there IS another app option/or additional if I scroll down some.  The one that HAS the recipes (v. 1.9) shows an update of July 2015.

Just shoot me now.  

The photo you posted is from the WIFI app.  no recipes.  

go to the app store.  search for “anova”  the first app that shows up on my phone is the one with the recipes.  

good luck