Reheat Twice?

Hello! A few days ago I cooked some pork loin slices with the Anova sous vide. Rather than eating them, I put them in an ice bath and into the refrigerator. FYI, they were tightly vacuum sealed. Two days after (yesterday) I removed it from the refrigerator, put it out to come close to room temp and cooked it again for an hour. Again, we didn’t eat it and I did the ice bath and put it back into the refrigerator. Is it ok to reheat/sear and eat it tonight?

I am of the strong opinion it is ok especially if you ice bathed. I have had dinner cancellations and done this with both pork and beef. Was every bit as good if not better. I believe as long as you heat it long enough to repasteurize you are very safe. I actually reheated it longer than I would have liked with the pork and it was still excellent. The beef seemed even better than usual.