Request: Display if unit is connected via Blutooth or Wifi

It would be helpful if there was an indication in the app or on the unit itself if the connection was using Bluetooth or the WiFi.

I have other app controlled devices in my house so I always have Bluetooth turned on. I’m never quite sure if the Anova is using BT or WiFi when my phone is near. The indication on the actual unit is confusing because it has the WiFi symbol but the LED is Blue. Can a Firmware update change the LED color to something else if using WiFi?

So I’m never sure when the app loses connection if it was defaulting to BT so I just walked out of range or it was on WiFi and there was some connection problem

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how do you actually connect anova wifi via bluetooth?

It is possible, the 900W model has both Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection options.

can you explain me how? :slight_smile:

I use Wi-Fi exclusively, so I’m afraid that I don’t have a good grasp on the Bluetooth side of things. However, I believe that the initial connection does require Bluetooth anyway. Perhaps you can refer to the instruction manual here, or switch Wi-Fi off and Bluetooth on your phone and see if your Anova connects?

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I have had trouble with the unit connecting in Blue Tooth because I have a number of devices that use Bluetooth on a regular basis: computer, iPhone, and iPad, and it seems that the Anova connects to whichever items it prefers,not necessarily the item that I want it to connect with. I don’t have a wifi unit since they were not available when I bought
my first unit, and to me, it really doesn’t make good sense since I am always home when I cook.

Hmmm good one! :slight_smile: The first connection need BT yea but after you set up the WiFi it don’t ask you never again if you want to connect it via BT it automatically starts to search for the WiFi connection.

But I will try to do as you said, maybe it will work :slight_smile: