Resolution to discoloration/pitting issue?

I received my unit model ASVPIPE1.2 as a Christmas gift. I’ve used it twice for total of about 10 hours. After reading about issues with discoloration/pitting/ rusting I checked mine and did in fact find a very small but nonetheless present bit of material/discoloration on a probe. I’m curious as to what Anova has determined regarding this issue and if it requires the unit to be returned? Unit seems to function well but I have not taken it above 150F. No other issues beside the probe. I’m sure you find yourselves with many many questions to answer from customers who received units for the holiday. Thanks for your hard work and thank you for your response.

@bellesucrejb I’m so sorry we missed this, I hope you were able to come across some of the other threads discussing these issues but if not, please see:

If you have any questions, let me know - thanks!