Rib-Eye Steak with Cacoa & Chili

My rib-eye steak with a cacoa & chili spice rub, just having been seared off in the Lodge griddle pan. Cooked for 60 mins at 124º. Second attempt at using the Anova device.


Looks like perfection…I’ve been meaning to try cacoa as a rub…how did it turn out?

Did you take a picture after you cut it? It looks great.

Its 3 AM. Now I’m hungry!
Eating a picture, especially digital, just doesn’t do it!

It looks just great!

What about the cocoa-rub?
What is the recipe? Was it good? Great?

Now Ikm off to the kitchen to scrounge…

Question: Is the rub applied pre-sous vide or pre-searing or both?

Have never tried cocoa on beef but on a related side note I can say that a rub consisting of dark roast coffee grounds is a real treat! Allow the flavors to penetrate for a while in the fridge. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi, I applied the rub dry to both sides of the meat before sealing in the bag. Once cooked, I then patted the meat dry and hit it on the skillet to sear and colour.

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Hi, the Cacoa & Chili rub is a Santa Maria Spice product, available in the UK. There really wasn’t a recipe, it was more a case of here’s the meat, here’s a rub, give it a go!

MOOOOOOOOOO!!! Haha. Looks great. Like AHI. :yum: